Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms of use

The below terms & conditions are valid, when booking accommodations through the Tripsave.com booking portal.

Note that Tripsave.com´s booking conditions include a 100% advance deposit, equal to the total value of the booking.  Most suppliers of accommodation through the Tripsave booking portal request full advance payment, as most rates are restricted and classified as “non-refundable” at the time of booking.


Standard conditions of sale

These conditions regulate the brokering of overnight accommodation between Tripsave (hereinafter referred to as “Tripsave.com”) and consumers (hereinafter referred to as the “customer”) that book accommodation through the tripsave.com booking portal.


  1. Agency clause

Tripsave.com acts as an agent for our suppliers and is exclusively acting as broker between the supplier and the customer. All bookings and fees collected for bookings are taken on behalf of our suppliers.

Tripsave.com does add a commission fee to each booking to cover our administration costs.


The hotel supplier (listed on the hotel voucher) is the supplier to the customer and it is solely the supplier that is responsible for ensuring that the booking is completed as expected by the customer.


As Tripsave.com is alone acting as a broker between the supplier and the customer, it cannot be held liable in instances where a supplier has entered liquidation, ceased to exist, or in any other capacity is unable to fulfill the booking agreement between themselves and the customer.


The customer accepts the above conditions by booking and completing payment for accommodation through the Tripsave.com booking platform.


  1. Contractual agreement

    1. Contract

The customer has entered into a contractual agreement with TripSave, once they have completed a booking of an overnight stay through the tripsave.com booking portal. The customer accepts that they have read                      and accept our booking terms and conditions, confirmed by ticking the “accept terms” box on the booking summary page/ basket page. The customer also accepts that Tripsave only provides a platform and payment service as a broker to facilitate contact and booking of overnight stays between the customer and suppliers that Tripsave offers access to on it´s booking portal.


    1. Booking confirmation documents

Booking confirmation´s and hotel/overnight stay vouchers will be sent to the e-mail address the customer has provided at the time of booking. Booking terms are noted in the confirmation.

If the customer does not receive confirmation or the voucher within 72 hours of booking, then the customer has a duty to contact Tripsave and inform them of the issue. The customer is required to check their spam folder in advance of contacting Tripsave. The customer is also obliged to check that all booking details are correct and to contact Tripsave, if the booking confirmation/voucher does not match what the customer has booked.


  1. Rates and Payment

    1. Rates

The provided rates for overnight stays include all taxes and duties and Tripsave can include at the time of booking. Note that certain states/countries/destinations/resorts and hotels do have local tourist taxes, or resort fees that are payable upon check in. These are not included in the booking fee for an overnight stay booked through the tripsave.com portal and Tripsave will not be held liable.

    1. Payment

Payment is taken at the time of booking. Payment can be made by VISA, VISA Dankort, Mastercard and Mobile Pay. There are no card fees to pay. If they is no coverage on the card used at the time of booking an overnight stay, then Tripsave reserves the right to cancel said booking without compensation to the customer.


  1. Customer obligations

    1. Booking confirmation and voucher for an overnight stay

The customer is responsible for ensuring that all details provided at the time of booking are correct and that the names provided match the individual customers names as given in their passports.

If the customer becomes aware of a discrepancy, they are obliged to contact Tripsave immediately.

If the error is the fault of the customer, then Tripsave will still endeavor to amend the documentation but will invoice the customer 500 DKK for services rendered. The hotel supplier may also charge a fee for name changes – if name changes are permitted. In the event where a name change is not permitted, then Tripsave will not be held liable, should the hotel not permit check in due to incorrect guest information.


    1. Travel documents and vaccinations

The customer is obliged to ensure that their personal legal travel documents comply with the laws of the territory they are visiting in order to complete the booked overnight stay/s. They must also make sure that any vaccinations that are required are taken in compliance of the local laws of the territory they are visiting. Please liase with your local government to find out which countries and destinations require legal travel documents in order to visit them and if certain vaccinations are mandatory.


    1. Check-in

The customer is obliged to check-in in accordance with the time and date specified for check-in (noted in the hotel/overnight stay voucher). If the supplier notifies Tripsave of any amendments or changes to the customers booked overnight stay/s, then Tripsave will inform the customer accordingly.


    1. House rules

The customer must abide by the general rules of the premises where they have booked accommodation. If a customer is unwilling to follow the  rules, then Tripsave will not be liable should the customer be ejected, or otherwise asked to leave the premises by the management of the property.


  1. Amendments and cancellations

    1. Cancelling a booking made through the Tripsave booking portal

Most rates provided by suppliers are non-changeable, non-transferable and non-refundable. If the customer needs to cancel a booking then they are required to contact Tripsave, who will then contact the supplier in order to hear if cancellation is possible. Provided the overnight stay supplier does permit a cancellation, then Tripsave will cancel on behalf of the customer. In such an instance Tripsave is permitted to charge the customer a cancellation fee of 500 DKK, or equivalent thereof in their local currency. This fee will be deducted from the advance payment made by the customer at the time of booking.

Note that the purchase/booking of overnight stays are not covered by the Danish consumer act § 1, stk. 4, nr. 4 “, hence no cooling-off period is offered or given.


    1. Amending a booking.

In most instances in it not possible to change the names of the guests provided at the time of the booking. Provided the overnight stay supplier does permit a name change, then Tripsave will amend the names on behalf of the customer. In such an instance Tripsave is permitted to charge the customer an administration fee of 500 DKK, or equivalent thereof in their local currency. This fee will be paid by the customer to Tripsave by credit card.


  1. Cancellation insurance

It is the customers obligation to purchase cancellation insurance, should they require this.


  1. Errors, omissions and complaints

As Tripsave is acting as an agent in relation to all bookings completed on the Tripsave.com website, Tripsave is not liable or responsible for any errors, defects or omissions in relation to the customers booking. If the customer is aware of any errors, defects, or omissions once they have arrived at the property then they must immediately make the overnight stay management aware of this. If the overnight stay/hotel/property management are unwilling or unable to settle the issue, then the customer must contact the hotel supplier. Any compensations claim, or complaints must be directed to the supplier of the overnight stay – details are contained in the hotel/overnight stay booking voucher.


  1. Jurisdiction and laws governing this agreement

Provided the customer and Tripsave are unable to reach an accord, complaints from customers relating to this brokering/agency booking portal can be made to the following Danish institution

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby

Website address is : www.forbrug.dk. A complaint can also be made in the European portal  http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.  Claims made against Tripsave should also be sent to claims@tripsave.com.

Note that all twists in relation to a claim that cannot be resolved via the above-mentioned governmental bodies must be solved in a Danish court of law. Each party will liable for their own legal costs of representation and will abide by the ruling of the Danish court of law.