About us

Tripsave is an online booking portal, offering hotels and apartment accommodations. Search for a property by the beach, in the city, or in a rural location. We have plenty to choose from, with some of the lowest rates in the industry.

We are a dedicated team based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, who are passionate about travel and using technology to simplify the online booking process for consumers.  


Tripsave has partnered with many of the largest suppliers of properties to the travel industry. This offers two things to consumers and to our members. Firstly, a massive number of properties in our assortment. Secondly, some of the lowest rates through our effective leveraging of these many partnerships.

Why are our rates so low in the free-to-join member club?

Two reasons. The first is that some suppliers and hotels will offer rates us that are lower than normal to quickly sell out rooms in certain periods/destinations. The second reason being that Tripsave operates with a slightly lower margin, as we have automated the booking and administration process, which reduces costs and gives you the consumer ever more savings on your hotel bookings.


Note that prices are dynamic and are based on live search and availability. Hence, prices can increase or decrease over a short period of time.